Ski rental



The well-serving ski rental shops in Himos are experts in skiing. They provide just the right equipment for rookies as well as active skiers. They offer both basic equipment and high-performance skis, all high quality. You can also find equipment for snowboarding, snowskating as well as telemark and cross-country skiing. Skis, ski boots, ski poles, helmets and glasses can be rented both in sets and separately. In the rental shop in the Western Slopes you can also rent a toboggan, harness, snow boots or even an overcoat or pants. In the rental shop in the Western Slopes you can also rent lockers. Please return to our staff for assistance, we are happy to help you in choosing equipment!

How to rent equipment

  1. Register at the registration point in the rental shop. Each person needs to be registered separately.
  2. Choose your ski boots. During the rental time you can leave your own shoes on the shelf in the rental office.
  3. Go to the counter. Our staff adjusts the skis or board for you.
  4. Pay your equipment. Please have your ID available.
  5. You can pick the ski poles in the stand on your way out, or from our staff.
  6. Please return your equipment in the service counter and put the boots back on the shelf.

Buy rental equipment

We renew our product range annually, so every autumn and spring after winter holiday season we sell out equipment from our product range. Turn to our staff for more information.